Sincerely, Janie

Hello, lovely readers!  Back in May, I had the pleasure to visit New York City for ballet and such. I’ve been to “The Big Apple” before, but this trip was completely unforgettable, and I wanted to put together a guide to navigate my favorite places in “The City That Never Sleeps!”♡

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This well-known train station isn’t only made out of gold, but it also has unique stores such as Swatch, and a delicious dining hall.  Must I also mention that the architecture is amazing?

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Whether you’re a fan of opera, contemporary dance, or ballet, Lincoln Center includes some of the most beautiful theaters and performances in NYC.  I myself am a huge fan of ballet, and I had the pleasure to see The American Ballet Theatre and  The New York City Ballet perform while visiting.  I was completely blown away by these performances, and I’ll definitely be seeing more…

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